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Written by Administrator
Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
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Welcome to the website of Barnoli & Sons Concrete Pumping, a family-run service business!!!  Concrete pumping is a method of placing concrete in a designated destination.

Who would ever have thought I would be writing for a website?  It seems just 30 short years ago, I started pumping concrete in the San Francisco Bay Area, where a two-way Motorola was “securely” mounted in the cab of my pump, and when needed, the dispatcher from the office would press a button on his mic and my truck horn would sound off.  I then knew I had to call into the office via my two-way radio.  Technology sure has changed to say the least.  Everything evolves over time, like it or not.

Sad, but true, our small concrete pump industry has evolved in so many ways.  It has changed for the better, accept in one aspect.  That aspect should be the most crucial to our business and its success, but it has NOT been.  The “lack of knowledge” in what it costs to actually pump concrete has never been accepted, or should I say, recognized in the industry of construction.

You can go and surf the web on other pump websites, and like most of them, you will find them talking about how many pumps they have, certain jobs they have done, or even better, the ones they are doing.  All that is great, but truly they have all missed the most important asset, at least in my eyes, their “true assets”.

At Barnoli & Sons, (yes we have the equipment, and oh yes we have the jobs) our assets are our employees and our customers.  On any given day, it’s a toss-up in which one is more valuable!!  If you asked our customers who is more valuable, they would say our employees are the most valuable.  Yet, if you asked our employees, they would say we have the best customers in the U.S.A.  Our company is built on loyalty, honesty, hard work, passion and commitment.  We sell service and deliver nothing but the best service.  Without service, we have nothing to sell.

Thirty years later in the same business, I can still sadly say that some of the competitors need to step out, or just get out!  They shouldn’t take it personally and they know who they are.  They drive down prices for the industry, limiting the respect that our industry deserves.  We operate extremely expensive machinery, need experienced trained operators and the costs of maintenance is fairly high.  Our risks are also very high.  Therefore, our prices can and should be warranted, but competitors just want a job regardless of price.  This happens over and over.  Many of my competitors pump for a complete loss.  Why?  So, they can say they got the job or that they have the most machines, or they are the biggest.  Who cares, especially if you aren’t even respected because of stupidity.  It has never made much sense to work so hard to have nothing to show for it!!

I have been involved with over ten million yards of concrete pumped over my career, as high as 48 stories in downtown San Francisco, as far as 1,640 in Livermore, at the Lawrence Livermore Lab, and as little as three years ago at my home in the demand of 2009, we still are battling the same thing – “PRICE”.  Thirty years of going to the World of Concrete and listening to pumpers fabricate the truth about themselves and what they do, I’ve learned a lot from all those trips.  They talk about a lot of things not to do and some invaluable things, such as “the customer is always right”.  Well, not really!!  If they were educated in pumping concrete, then maybe I would agree.   That is why they hired us in the first place and why we have the industry that we have today.

I’m sure that if you have taken the time to read our website, you can’t help but realize my passion for the pump industry.  You also should be able to sense my frustration.  Pumping is who I am.  Today and I have to admit that beyond my control, it is now a second generation business.  The second generation is a good thing.  Josh Barnoli, 27, and Ross Barnoli, 23, asked their sister Casey Barnoli, 10, who on the way to school four years ago,” What colors should we be?”   Casey decided the stripe should be pink to represent her baby sister, Camey, Mom, and herself.  Go figure!

Barnoli & Sons is truly a family run business!  We take pride in what we do, we have the passion and proudly represent our industry with respect and deliver commitment, honesty, loyalty, and passion to our customers that we serve and work together with every day.

In closing, remember that whatever you do in life, you will always benefit if you give it your all.  You get out of life what you put into it!

Thinking about pumping concrete in Arizona?  Give us a try.  If you aren’t happy or see a difference with Barnoli & Sons Concrete Pumping, the job will be on us!!  See, there’s some confidence…



Marc, Josh & Ross Barnoli

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